There is something to be said for travelling to popular destinations in the off-season… scrolling through my FOMO-inducing Instagram feed over the last month, it seems as though half of the world’s population was having a Aperol-drinking, yacht sailing, poolside lounging whale of a time, all merrily congregated together into a few small countries in Southern Europe. But beyond the insta-smiles, stories filtering through of the reality of that scenario are that heat waves, long, long, long lines for restaurants, transport, and tourist hot spots, overinflated prices (combined with a crappy $AUD exchange rate) make travelling to peak destinations in peak season my idea of a peak nightmare! In our neck of the woods here on the Mornington Peninsula, in six months time the quaint and historic seaside town of Sorrento will be facing a similar scenario to what it’s Italian namesake is currently experiencing, yet in the winter, and especially on beautiful clear days like this, Sorrento is still a gorgeous destination to experience – without the crowds, without the lines, and without the sweltering heat. Iconic Hotel Sorrento, perched high on the hill as you drive into town, is a favourite winter destination of mine – the stunning old limestone building with its roaring winter fireplaces, its warming comfort food, and the spectacular views across the bay make it a must-visit destination for both locals and visitors to the Mornington Peninsula alike, any time of year… but I have to say right about now is just glorious!
 Photographed by Yours Truly for the Peninsula’s best destination guide The Ninch! 📷