In a saturated holiday rental market, making a great first impression is essential, and nothing helps your listing stand out above the competition more than beautiful, aspirational photographic images.

Lisa Atkinson is a Melbourne / Mornington Peninsula-based commercial photographer specialising in editorial style interior and architectural photography.  As a qualified interior designer herself prior to stepping behind the lens, Lisa uses her understanding of design and angles to photographically capture a space in detail and essence, and in this way, knows how to capture the real beauty and essence of your short-stay rental property. 

Using predominantly natural light during shooting, and minimal phtotoshop in the post-production phase, Lisa’s images have less of a ‘real-estate’ feel to them, and embrace the style of imagery that you would find in a high-end design magazine. Editorial-style interiors photography is more emotive, with bright, ‘blown out’ windows, and use of shadows to enhance textures and detail, and are designed to really capture a mood and essence to entice potential customers to book your property over the countless others available.  Beyond the visual appeal of a great set of images, professional photography also creates a level of trustworthiness and professionalism of you as a host, where your guests can feel reassured that they’ll have a great experience your a beautiful space.

While professional styling can enhance the look and feel of a property, for the purpose of holiday rental photography, the styling should be kept to a minimum in order to realistically represent how your clients will find the property when they stay. Having said that, a little bit of artistic licence or human elements (such as a hand holding a cold drink by the pool, or a towel draped over a chair can really add to the potential customer’s ability to visualise themselves in your space.

Location images of the vicinity, such as local beaches, cafes, shopping areas can also enhance your listing’s desirability.

Seasonal shots throughout the year can also extend your property’s appeal, by demonstrating to prospective clients how they can enjoy your space and surroundings all year round.  

2023 RATES

Up to One Hour- $450+GST (ie: Small apartment) – Approximately 20-30 images

2 hours – $850+GST (ie: Small – Medium home inc Exterior) – Approximagely 40-50 images

HALF DAY – Up to 4 hours – $1000+GST (ie: Medium – Large home inc Exterior / Surrounding Location) – Approximately 50 images

FULL DAY – Up to 8 hours – $1950+GST (ie: Large home inc Exterior / Surrounding Location) Approximately 60+ images

In-between or extra hours charged at $250 per hour +GST.  

Discounted rates are offered for property owners committing to two or more shoots throughout the year.

All prices include standard post production of images (editing, straightening of lines, contrast, colour, a small amount of photoshopping if requested), and digital delivery of high resolution images via Dropbox or WeTransfer. Any additional detailed photoshopping will be quoted / charged separately depending on the nature of changes and the amount of images.

Image usage is for your rental listings / own website / social media / print marketing use. Any usage beyond this, such as publication in a book or magazine, may be subject to a separate licensing fee.

Final copyright is retained by Lisa Atkinson unless otherwise agreed.

Travel fees may apply for properties more than one hour from the Mornington Peninsula.

Weekend shoots incur a 10% surcharge

For more information or if you have any questions at all please contact Lisa by email on