I am hugely excited to have teamed up with Sedition Art, a global digital fine art platform representing some of the world’s top artists, to present a range of my favourite pieces to purchase and display in your home, on any digital device.  Offering these limited edition (Only 50 per image) digital pieces makes my work more affordable, accessible and fun, and means you can switch up your look regularly to fit your mood and decor.. or even use it as a ‘trial run’ to live with an image before investing in a printed version!  Scroll down to find out more about Sedition, how it all works, and most importantly how you can purchase these for your own collection!

As I became aware of the need for my art to go beyond ‘prints on a wall’, I searched for a way to share my images in a digital format that protected me as an artist from allowing those images to be freely shared and replicated, and also to retain a level of exclusivity for those who collect my work, at the same level that is reflected in my printed works, by offering limited editions.

Sedition Art is an online platform that is a fine art gallery for digital times, bringing together both emerging and established, world-renowned artists, with collectors from around the world.  You can learn more about Sedition by watching this video.

When you purchase a digital image from my collection on Sedition, you will be able to view that work immediately in your Vault, which is your online account.  You can view on your web browser, or on any Smart TV or digital device by downloading the free Sedition App from your Apple or Google app store. You will also recieve a digital certificate of authenticity with the number of your edition, and my signature on it – just like when you purchase a physical print!

Sedition Art also uses dynamic pricing, so the earlier you purchase a piece from a collection, the cheaper it will be.  For example with my editions of 50, if you get in early and purchase in the first 5 of an edition, you will pay $20USD for the digital image, and then the price will incrimentally increase as the edition gets closer to selling out, so by the last 5 left in the edition, the price will have increased to $40USD.  This encourages collectors to purchase quickly if they see a piece that they love.  If you ‘Follow’ an artist on the platform, you will, moving forward, recieve a 24 hour Private Viewing invitation to snap up a piece of a new collection that gets released by that artist, before it goes out to the public.


Just click on the magnifying glass on any of the images below to view the full version and purchase from the Sedition Art store.